Topics to talk about with him?

this guy and I hooked up a few weeks back we exchanged numbers earlier in the night not knowing we would end up hooking up and spending the night together... Now a few weeks have passed and all we've done is exchange a few casual texts..I want to try to make a conversation out of our texts what are some good questions to ask to start a conversation. when we hung out we talked a lot in person but texting is different... so tip on topics please?

He usually texts me every day or every other day I just sometimes don't reply because I don't want to seem boring to talk to because I'm much better at in person talking than phone and text


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  • sounds like since you hooked up sounds like he achieved his goal and if he was considering dating you before he doesn't want to anymore, or maybe he only wanted to hook up in the first place

    • That would be true if he didn't text me everyday... I just meant we have causal generic convos I just don't know what to bring up with him usually guys talk to me about stuff and make the convo going I'm not new to the game I just am better at in person talking. He texts me first all the time it's just we're both always so busy its sometimes hard to think of a good convo starter