Why is it so hard to get ahold of him now?

There's a guy I hang out and fool around with sometimes. I didn't hear from him for over a week so I waited a couple days and he texted me on Sunday and we hung out. I sent him a text Monday telling him he gave me a hickey and he didn't reply which isn't a big deal, but I needed to get a hold of him yesterday for something important so I called and texted him but he didn't reply. He used to reply to most of my texts but a couple weeks ago he just stopped, and I've noticed he hasn't been on Facebook much either. Why would he suddenly just disappear?


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  • He probably just sees you as a piece of ass sorry

    • And that's how I see him. The kind of relationship we have (sex buddies) hasn't changed that's why I'm wondering why he's gotten distant

    • I had a "friend" like that, once the sex gets old there's no reason to stick around, it sounds like you like him more than he likes you maybe if you made that obvious in the first place and didn't just become f*** buddies you wouldn't be worrying about this, just my thoughts.

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