Why they text me but won't reply to my texts?

There are 2 guys that I hang out with sometimes, not very often. Well with both of them when I text them and ask to hang out they usually say no or don't reply but they'll randomly text me and want to hang out after a period of time i.e. if we hang out Monday they wouldn't want to hang out until like the following Friday or something like that. Why do they not want to hang out when I text them? I mean it's not like my intentions are different than theirs. Am I just a horn dog compared to these guys who go weeks without anything? They both say they aren't seeing anyone else and as far as I know that's true..


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  • So by "hangout" you mean "hookup" ... right?

    well its pretty simple then, they aren't your friends. They want sex. They don't want you getting attached,or thinking they are - so they distance themselves. They don't want this becoming a relationship where you guys hangout all the time.

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