Is there a way to know if he's interested by his texts??...

So me and this guy have been texting a little over a week now..i have admitted to being interested and tellin him I wouldn't mind having a chance...he admitted to being interested to and sai we'll see what happens...but now I'm curious...We text throughout the day about different tuff but every since we hve beent exting its alwasy taken him awhile to reply usually ten to twenty minutes sometimes longer sometimes right away...yet its always replies never one word answers..and if he stops replying late at niht he texts me first thing in the mornign and says he fell asleep whih I believe cause he works super early...and he text firsta sometimes and he texts a little at work then his lunch and usually when he gets off he takes a nap then tet but like I said sometimes it takes a few minutes for this normal could it be he's not interested or what...thanks in advance!


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  • Yes it's normal. We all have our things to do, so it would be impossible for him to reply back quickly especially if you two are texting throughout the day.

    The fact that he's replying and initiating sometimes is a good sign of interest... you know besides him telling you that he's interested!

    • well he told me he's interested and I said I wouldn't mind a chnce but he's not really doing anything to further it so I don't know I just get confused but I do understand having things to do...but he never just doesn't text back and I assume that's

  • "Is there a way to know if he's interested by his texts?"

    "he admitted to being interested to"

    And guys are supposed to be hard to understand...

    Yes love, as a general rule, admitting your interested in someone over text, is a good way to tell if he's interested by his texts.


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