Should I drop the old guy and pursue the new one?

I've had an attraction to this guy for about a year. It was a profound attraction, but has not developed into anything because he's separated. Waiting for finalization on divorce. Recently found myself attracted to this new guy, who is exactly like the first. I haven't taken it to the next level yet, but quite certain I want to. However, I can't get the first guy out of my mind. Would I be jeopardizing (meaning will they go away) my feelings for the first guy if I go with the second guy, or could I discover I still like the first one. Anyone had any experience with this, and what is likely the case? By dating the new one, will that help me forget about the old one?


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  • No he's not going to help forget the other me I thin you should really evaluate your feeling for both guys and go with that

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