Should it be this way?

I'm going to start off by saying this guy is the first boy I've ever liked. I asked him out Friday, and we hung out first on Monday and we have every day this week.

There are times when we have a blast and we're laughing our asses off and stuff, we've made out and kissed and he'll do really sweet things to me and we have lots of fun together, but sometimes when we're just walking side by side its really quiet and we don't talk much. I've asked him every question there is and we talk most of the time but sometimes (especially when we first start hanging out) it's quiet.

We've only been talking for like four days, but is this a bad thing? Any advice? Will it be more easy soon and will we be able to talk a lot easier?


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  • It's not a bad thing and it actually sounds like ya are going on a good rate with everything

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