Does he like me or just playing mind games?

So I met this guy on eharmony and we talked for a couple of months over texts before finally meeting. We hit it off but our busy schedules kept it from being an ongoing dating thing. But we still texted all the time. Recently I saw him at a bar and long story short he asked me to his place. I went and he wouldn't sleep with me. He didn't want to rush things or make thinks awkward and held and kissed me the whole night. We've talk over text since then and he said we'll grab a bite or grab a drink. But it never happens. He's always out with friends and some of those people are girls. I think they're all friends though? Not sure. But anyway after saying twice he'd see me this long weekend I asked if he was doing anything Sunday to get the ball rolling on seeing him. He said probably partying. And that's it. I asked If he was into me or just busy. He said just really busy. So I told him I liked him a lot but that he's hard to get close to and that the balls in his court and that I wasn't going to bother him about hanging out anymore. Then I said have a great weekend. He didn't respond. What do I do now? I feel so dumb. I'm Never like this. When I don't text him he normally text that shows head thinking of me somewhat right? I don't know what to do. Help!
We live in Kansas! How much partying could he really do? Moving on. I'm obviously not worth his time. If he cared he would've probably let me know by now. I deserve better .reading this to myself I sounded pathetic. He rather party then hangout and get to know me better. I'm not a back burner kind of girl. He's not my boyfriend so truth is there are probably other girls like the ones that he is giving his time to. Thanks for the advice!


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  • Well, he already said he's busy and its not because he doesn't like you. If you take his word for it, then surely what you have to do now is decide if this arrangement is enough for you right now. Maybe the next qn you should ask him is if there is any chance for this to develop.

    • But if he liked me wouldn't he make time or invite me out to go partying?

    • Then its a trust issue. Do you believe him when he says he likes you? Maybe he doesn't know you want to be part of his life and expects things between the 2 of you to stay just between the 2 of you. Voice out your concerns about wanting to go out with him to party and get to know his friends.

  • His gay or not interested, move on.


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