So I thought I knew this

But I still get used by girls.

Back in my high school days, I was the nice boy who got used by a lot of girls. I have learned my lesson and tried to learn when a girl was using me or not. But lately it seems that I keep getting used by girls. Especially girls on here -____________- (Yeah I know pathetic)

Does anyone know any way to help me?

I know that if she only talk to you when she needs help; it's a no go but anything else?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hey man. You seem like a great guy. Some answers you get will bash you. Ignore most of them. The mind IS A POWERFUL ALLY OR YOUR WORST ENEMY. Tomorrow chat with me ok? I will tell you some simple secrets of life and how to stop that madness. Just try to be in a good mood right now because what you are going through right now will not matter in the near future. Stay well my friend.


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