He's asked to me to hang out with him?

he's asked me to hang out with him.. we've been texting every night for like five hours for the past week. But we don't really know each other. My friends are saying that when we hang out - it's a test, for him to see if we'd suit. They also say He likes me. what does it mean? Should I be nervous?


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  • Hang out with him in a public place.

    He may like you and want to get to know you more.

    Don't be nervous, no reason to be. If you think you two could have a good relationship then good, if not then you got to hang out with him anyway and have a nice day. :)

  • 1) He wouldn't text you every night for the past week for 5 hours each night if he didn't like you

    2) When you hang out, it's just to get to know each other better

    3) It's normal to be nervous, but try and control your nerves. Think of it as a fun hangout with a friend. Dates are supposed to be fun. They're not a nuisance. Both of you are gonna hang out to just have fun, so if you make it a nice relaxing experience it'll be all good!

    4) Have you guys decided what you're gonna do yet? Try to stray from things like movies cause if you don't know him then you're gonna wanna get to know him better and a good way to do that is to, you know, talk. Save movies for when (or if) you're on future dates. Or if you wanna go to a movie, make sure there's also time for you guys to talk.


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