A neighbor I'm interested in sent a few texts to me

I have a neighbor that I'm very attracted to.. I run into her about once a week when she walks by my apartment and we always sat hi to each other in a flirty way. Last week I saw her at a pool party and she came up to me and my friend introduced herself and her and her friend sat next to us.. so we were all chatting for about an hour then it was getting late so me and my friend left.. a few days later she knocked on my door to see if ill help her with groceries, so I helped her.. we chatted in her apartment for a few minutes and we finally exchanged numbers.. so that night I text her and just to say hi, she text back and said who might this stud be.. I didn't tell her my name... So I called her a few minutes later, she didn't pick up and she said she was watching a show so I text her back saying enjoy your show... A few days later I text her, telling her hope she's having a great day so she text me back saying she's not going to text back until she knows who it is.. so I told her and she responded that she didn't program my phone number into her phone... OK, no big deal.. then later that day she made it look like she sent out a mass text saying hello boys/neighbors I'm having a pool party this weekend and does anyone have a cooler.. I didn't respond... Next day she sends another mass text mentioning the pool party again and guys don't forget speedos... I didn't respond... A hour later she sends another text saying boys don't forget the floaties on or in the pool and she sends a pic with her and bunch of guys and floaties on them...

So why would someone send texts like that?


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  • Uhm, why didn't you tell her it was you when you first texted her? That's creepy dude. People stopped playing games like that after high school.