What shall I do about him?

I met a guy 6 weeks before, and unexpectedly we clicked very much, and dated for 4 times in two weeks. But I found before me he has a serious date for about two months, so I backed off and we hadn't contacted each other for 2 weeks. Then he came to be again, saying he still think of me and desire me, but he know it's not good as he has a "gf". I told him I will not date a guy who has girlfriend already. He understand and saying he need to make a decision. Till now we haven't contacted for like 10 days, and I think of him a lot. What shall I do?


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  • Maybe he's a player or immature..or he doesn't know what he wants.

    Don't talk to him, wait for him to do something...if he doesn't then he's not for you.

    • Imea78- I totally agree with you to leave him alone. But I can not help thinking of him. How can I stop that?

    • Yes, I understand you, maybe we are vulnerable because of our ages? we need to feel loved but I will stop that, I was/am dating a guy but maybe he doesn't deserve me, I will stop contacting him, meet more guys, THEY ARE SO CLEVER! so don't let them play with your feelings, NEVER! well, I think of that guy too but honestly, they always take the weak girls so don't let him play with you...we worth more than that...if he really likes you he will leave her! I'LL START DATING LOTS OF GUYS, DO IT TOO!

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  • i would personally forget him. any guy who admittedly is taken and comes onto you is just a player.