Is he worthy enough, or should I wait?

Should I text him first? He's really cute, a little boring but he's entertaining. He asked for my number two days ago and we talked for a while; then he texted me around 6 the next day and we talked for hours. Is it my turn to text him first or should I just wait?


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  • If you feel like talking to him, just text him there is no one rule of texting..


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  • If you like him, then go with your heart and text him. The guy needs to know that you like him as well.

    • does it matter that its Friday night?

    • Yes. You want to catch him at a good time so you two could have a conversation together. If he is out with the boys, then the quality and frequency of the texts might go down. You can try Saturday Afternoon!

  • text him.


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