Do guys actually think girls only date jerks?

I'm usually hearing this from 'nice guys' (who are fake) that jerks always get the girls...and other guys actually agree with him!

Then are women right to think guys only like the stuck up sluts and ignore the nice girls they call 'feminazis'?!


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  • Not all guys believe this. Mainly embittered, cynical guys who got zoned, or took too long to make a move. But there are girls who constantly go after jerks. Either by accident, or they think that these people are cute because they seem confident, or they have low self esteem and think they can't do better. I know one girl who is a little messed up. She flatout said at one point that she prefers guys who give her shit. So clearly SOME girls like that DO exist. There's also all those girls who fantasize over "badboys" and "dangerous" guys not taking into account what happens when they actually get those guys.

    Anyway not all guys believe this about all women, but clearly, sexist or not, there are reasons for why the stereotype exists. Sure, it's usually cynical assholes, but it's not entirely unfounded. In the meantime, don't worry about it. Not all guys think this and if they do, they're not that nice, and not worth your time, energy, or anger. Still, whatever the case, I hope this answer was of some insight to you.


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  • Jerks are always the fashion...

    sometimes understand when a friend has something why he deserves it =)

  • of course. I always have assumed this from life experienced. and so far, no chick has proof me wrong

    • OH! Well, from my experience, all guys want from their girlfriend is to see them naked! Always make sex jokes, and always want to talk about how hot girls are.!

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    • Because they're both stupid assumptions and they're unbelievably sexist.

    • and if we guys didn't think this way, chicks will still complain anyways. you might call stupid, but is reality.

  • yes. girls are stuck to mostly jerks when they are young :p

  • It comes from a matter of perspective. You see, a man can tell if another man is a good man by how he treats people who aren't important to him or men who are less attractive etc. etc. Therefore, your traditional "nice guy" is a weak man who has probably seen how this guy treats other men or himself. Women don't get this perspective, but once a**holes screw them over a bit or emotionally abuse them they sometimes get the message.

    There are also two sub-classes of nice guy:

    "Nice guy"-a**hole: often an a**hole who either thinks himself a nice guy but focuses in on a girl more attractive than him and never has the stones to say his feelings or take risks. He will either eventually end up a sadistic womanizer or alone, unless he can sort out his issues. If he does, he may become a True Nice Guy (see below).

    True "Nice guy": Many nice guys who actually have self-esteem or self-confidence eventually turn into this guy. He's got a hard path, but he figures it out. Instead of being vengeful about the situation he learns how to work it to his advantage. He too may spend some time as a womanizer, but he realizes that there are women more on his attractiveness level and works his way up from there. Instead of using sex as a weapon, he uses it as a tool to build himself up with, even if he has to deal with a few bad screws first. His womanizing, if he does so comes from a place of love instead, but if he can't commit it's probably because of some bitch who screwed him over at some point, and only a woman who really loves him can fix that.


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