Why hasn't she been texting me? Did I do something?

There's a girl I've known for about a year and a half. We've become really good friends, despite not seeing each other often, and maybe even a little bit more. We don't see each other often because we don't live in the same town. However, I do get to see her often during the summer.

We haven't been able to get together at all this spring, but when texting her about 6 weeks ago, she said we definitely needed to get together soon. About 2 weeks ago, we talked on the phone instead of just texting. I've been very busy finishing up the school year, but we were texting last Tuesday. Thursday, I texted her and she didn't reply. Since I had final exams all this week, I didn't text her until today, right after I finished my last exam. No reply.

What's going on? It's really hard for me to handle because I really like this girl and hope I haven't done something to make her stop talking to me. I've been looking forward to hanging out with her this summer for months, and now she hasn't been talking to me! Should I call her? Text her? What?!?


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  • Let her contact you now, she knows your free now and can hangout she's probably have something going on or busy herself.

    • That's the thing-- she almost never calls/texts first. It's on me.

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