I was insulted about my age?

guy of 22 years old I was 8 years older told me I was old woman and to GO AWAY MAKE FRIENDS MY OWN AGE .

my own age . he age ageist towards me he talk to me as I was old woman of hundreds years old no joke.he talked to me as I was his mother I am not old enough to his mother and I don't think old enough to be cougar which I am not .i was so insulted in my life

yet he girls his own age say what they like to him when I said some thing he was total rotten to me since 1st day he had no respect for me for me at all . he said another day out of the blue I hurt him and girls his own age won't hurt him at all .there is no logical in that

Age discrimination against me he treated like I was hundreds old had little and no respect for me but he respect people younger and his own age put a label on cougar yes I do think that is bad thing .he has hated and fear of older people over 25 years old
now she going to meet him person where he lives so I am confused is she with him or she with some one else . because he has single up she has in relationship up so I am confused as this very confused


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  • I think he just doesn't like you, but in life not everyone can like you. So ignore the d***head. :)

    • you could be right .i don't know why he hates me I did nothing to him

    • he told me hated in me in no mixed words and no messing he called me jerk other harmful stuff to my already low self estreem he made million times worse I mean million time worse I end up in counselling for months

    • my age IS NOT MY FAULT he more or less said it was

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