He wants love or sex and what should I do? please help!!!

he really flirts with me, telling me I have beautiful legs and a beautiful body even in the presence of other men. he once liked me though we never dated, he suggested marriage but I was not ready. I don't like it because I feel like all he wants is sex. I don't flirt back, he even said that if we were to be locked in the same room, it would be hot.. but we are just friends is all he wants sex? and what should I do to stop it? is this behavior cool? should I be upset?


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  • If it makes you uncomfortable, then you have grounds to be upset, so let him know that his flirting is coming across a little to strong and forward and that you don't like the way it makes you feel, if he really liked you he would respect that and apolagise for any upset caused, this should make him tone it down a little and concentrate on being a friend,x


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  • It is definitly NOT COOL !

    Of course, a guy has all right to try his way on a girl to bring her in his bed because sex is a human thing and nothing wrong with it (religion and protection apart...)

    But telling you he would like to marry you makes him either a very bad guy (cheating your feeling) or a stupid guy (his hornyness makes him think he is in love but he doesn't understand his hormon are confusing his brain) or a very faithfull, honest and wonderfull guy (but as a guy I can tell you that when someone tell you he want sex with you and that you are hot so easily and without shame, it's primary objective in life is not mariage ;) )

    Anyway, saying such stuff to a girl to get into her pant is wrong.

    Your call

    • i felt it was wrong I even get embarrassed...am so pissed off ,i already told him I don't like it and I will be so cold towards him

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