He did the pursuing and initiated the chasing - should I equal things and do the asking?

In a gender equal society? He hasn't "asked" yet, and I'm getting the feeling he wont. But he is taking the lead on getting very close to me and making himself very available to me, and he knows very clearly I am interested so I'm getting the impression it would be fine. I know him quite well as a person so there is a mutual respect between us. He's making it easy for me to ask.

But just on the question of it - if he started the pursuing - should he finish the job - and do the asking?

Or on the other hand - should I balance the equation and finish the job? Teamwork and all that? Afterall I want to be in an equal relationship not with a dominating neanderthal.

Its the general idea I'm getting at - not so much advice on my personal situation.


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  • he should finish the job and do the asking. Got to wonder why he isn't.

    • i do. all the time.

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    • done that already. and he came running after. does everything but actually "ask".

    • Up to you then. ask or give up.

  • i feel you should do equal, so he can know you like him, are interested in him back


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