Did he want to kiss as much as I wanted to kiss him?

I went to this bonfire last night and this kid that I've been sort of talking to was there and when I went to leave (I usually give him a kiss on the cheek because I hadn't had my first kiss yet) he was like "okay, give me a kiss and then you can leave" and he stuck his head through my car door window for a kiss on the cheek and instead I kissed him on the cheek twice and then kissed him on the lips (my first kiss). So then I was like "okay I need to get home so I'm not out past curfew again" and so I leaned my head out my window and puckered my lips and he kissed me. It was nice, but I hope I didn't really scare him away because I kissed him first. Please let me know what you think! I'm mainly looking for guys responses, but girls can too :)


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  • I think it was good that you did but there is nothing wrong with it sounds like ya are going towards a good direction.