Should I message him? Please help!!

This boy and I have been talking lately. Not a whole lot, but just a little. We have one good conversation on Facebook. That consisted of him telling me that I deserve to be happy, and he also said some really nice things. and he used a few hearts here and there.

the other night at a school event, my friend sent me a message that made me emotional; it kind of upset me. My Friend "K" could tell that I was upset, so she made me tell her what was wrong. The boy was also there, he told me not to cry and he jokingly said " who is this girl? do I need to beat somebody up". This was maybe a week after week after we talked on Facebook.

Then last night, before graduation, the boy's (now ex) boyfriend broke up with him. He was crying his eyes out and a lot of his really close friends were around him. I really, really wanted to say something to him. Especially because hes's been so nice to me. But, for some reason I just couldn't get the courage to. I was partly afraid, and I didn't want to annoy/overwhelm him with everything that was going on and I wanted to make sure they actually did break up before I made a fool out of myself.

Well, they did break up. Should I send him a quick message on Facebook? If I do, what should I say? Tomorrow, I'm going to a party that he's probably going to be at. Should I say something then?

Please help!


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  • Yeah I think you should, and if you like him...start being nice to him


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