How do you make out with tongue?

Does it just come naturally? Give me details. How do you do it really good. Boys what do you like that girls do when you makeout?


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  • For me it came pretty naturally. You just start slowly venturing into the other person's mouth and when you feel the other person's tongue touching yours you know you're both thinking the same thing. I find that what women seem to like best is when I stop tongue kissing them briefly and take a few moments to kiss/nibble/suck her lips, and then begin that slow process again like we're making out fresh again from the beginning. As for what feels good to me, all a girl has to do is sincerely be into it and not slobber all over herself or me. One time I was making out with this girl who would not use her tongue. I know that sounds weird, but she started it and she really wanted to do it, but she wouldn't use her tongue at ALL. I asked her about it and she said she never really liked doing that, so we were basically just pushing our mouths into each other. Kind of odd, definitely a turn off.


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  • i just know when its NOT good lol.

    Like sometimes they have no idea what they are doing or someone trained them wrong hahah or they thought they were awesom...its always weird when they are super attractive but can NOT kiss..its really weird

    like one guy I knew nearly smothered me to death

    another guy like didn't really move his tongue at all which just got weird

    try spelling out something with your tongue just to keep it moving...biting can be a bit fun though