My mouth is going to...

I feel like my mouth is going to run my boyfriend away. I often say things out of anger during an argument, mean and hurtful things. I don't want to say such things and the obvious easy answer is to just not say it, but how? What can I do? He doesn't deserve it. Thanks for the advice.


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  • You're not going to like this, but here is how it works...

    Think you're gonna say something that might drive him away? Don't say it. How? Just don't say it? Still wanna know how? You just don't say it. Period. If that doesn't help, try using your head. If that doesn't work, we're back to square one, just don't say it.

    In conclusion I put to you, just don't say it.

  • Do as anon says and as you don't suggest..just don't say it


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