If a guy texts a girl back "late," what should she do?

So if a guy texts a girl back 'late' (and late is the girl's personal definition of 'late,') what should she do if she really likes him and he seems to be interested (took her out on dates, lunch, hang out, etc) too?

I usually say "no worries..." but there are times when I think I might come off as a push over.

  • Call him off/ call him on it.
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  • Say "no worries..."
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  • Say "no problem..."
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  • See answer.
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>Depends what you originally asked him through the text message.

Like if a girl says, "Blah blah, hope your days been good. I have to show you something whenever your free!"


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  • Depends what you originally asked him through the text message.

    • Thanks!

    • tell him "don't worry about it.."that will kind of leave him thinking.

    • good call, thanks!

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  • She should stop overreacting as if this guy has nothing more to be doing with his time and energy other than sitting around next to his phone so that he can text her "on time".

    You shouldn't demand that a guy texts you back within a certain amount of time. It may make you look like a needy b*tch. Especially if he's very busy with his life and he can't help that he can't afford to be right next to his phone just to text you in five minutes.

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