The conversation is going then....

I was texting this girl and the conversation is going good and she just stops or she is taking a while to respond back. I was waiting an hour to thirty min to respond to her and this time I took like 5 min to respond back and nothing yet. Could she be doing the same thing that I was doing to her ?


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  • Maybe she's doing something, like... I don't know, washing her hair, eating, answering the door, doing homework.

    But I feel that texting isn't authentic communication, unless it's for a very short and practical conversation.

    Texting all the time steals your attention from whatever it is you're doing. So you're doing badly what you're supposed to do AND you're doing badly a "communication". Do one thing at a time, and do it well.

    If you want something real, call her or meet up. There are a billion things that are said without using a single word.


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