Should I hold on or let go to my girlfriend of 1.5 years?

My girlfriend and I (both 19), are on break from the relationship so I can see if we should stay together. We are both university students in the same program with all the same classes, with the same career outlook. When we first started dating I wasn't into the relationship at all and it eventually grew on me. She is very smart, good looking, and loves me with all her heart and has no complaints about our relationship. We also have regular enjoyable sex. She helped pull me out of a rut in my life and get me back on my feet. For some reason I feel like there could be someone else out there for me. I owe this girl my life and I hope she finds happiness, but I don't appreciate her enough and find myself always thinking about breaking up and other girls. If we break up for good, I will be crushed but it could be for the better. I'm still tossing up if she's "the one" or not. I am scared that if we break up I may never find anyone who cares this much about me, and will help support my goals. Most of our fights are caused because she is very needy and I have tried talking to her about it but to no avail. What should I do?


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  • Why did you got into a relationship with her if you "weren't into it at all"? Don't let "I don't wanna be alone" be a reason for you not to break up. If you don't love her anymore and you have all these doubts, don't keep her hanging when you already know what you wanna do. Because I think you already know.

    When someone is doubting a relationship, there's always something wrong. You feel you don't appreciate her enough, but do you love her enough to give it a go? When you think about breaking up and dating other girls, your mind and heart aren't into the relationship as they should be.


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  • "For some reason I feel like there could be someone else out there for me."<<< A statement like that, from my experience, is your intuition speaking. We all don't want to make a mistake, and break up with someone only to regret it later. I am living proof of someone who did this and is still paying the price 10 years later. When you find the 'one,' no one else will even compare to him/her. The possibility of someone else being out there isn't even a thought. Therefore, I can't tell you what to do but just share my own experience.

  • let her break up with you. do small subtle things you know make her angry, if she has said before she doesn't want to get married or have kids, ask her about her how she see's herself in 5 years and make your answer the opposite as hers


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