Never gonna have a girlfriend?

Never Gonna Have a Girlfriend?

So is there any hope for me? Some people have told me that I can't get the 7, 8 and 9 girls becuase they're "Out Of My League" - does this mean I'm doomed to be haunted by the Girls I like and just be alone forever?

(The reason I'm not settling for a Girl who isn't a 7/8/9 is because all the ugly girls hated me too - if I have to wait THIS LONG, it's going to be something worth all the waiting).

Since seventh grade I've asked out 9 girls - only 3 of which ever politely turned me down. The rest turned me into the laughing stock of the entire School - the girls I asked out told me I was Disgusting ,a Freak, Hideous, creepy, weird, etcThe last one I ever asked out - a girl who I personally felt was hideous - told me I had "No Balls" and had all her friends collectively go "Eeeeeeew" When I walked by. After that, I said Freaken this" and decided that if I had to wait for a girl, then it was going to be one who I considered beautiful and who had an awesome personality.

They threw things at me and were always talking about me - I mean EVERYONE. If I ever talked to people I didn't even know, when they found out what my name was they would tell me everything they heard about me - I had No Friends. Even the Losers didn't wanna hang out with me because I wasn't Goth, Emo or whatever. My only friend was my writing; which I pursue vigourously (I'm currently writing for a website - nothing published yhet, though).
no "ugly girls" just less good looking *


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  • Well Its not about looks all the time and I think you are going about things the wrong way. Your so pressed on finding someone and forcing things to happen that you maybe missing out on someone or something.

    When you try to hard to make something happen it often doesn't in some cases. You should just continue to be yourself and wait to someone shows interest in the type of person that you are. Its personality. Maybe your personality is strong where it shouldn't be when approaching girls and weak in other areas. I really don't know you so I can't say. Maybe talk to a good friend and see if they can help. I feel theyre more suited for helping you rather than this site. They know you more so their advice should be more sound


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  • Wow I must say it attitude sucks may be the reason

    but lose pestismisum... I've told many guys this

    confidence is the sexiest thing on a male... Ok

    now Loae the labels labels are 4 losers OK as for

    ugly I know plenty of girls who eternal ugly guys

    and as for me I honealy am weird because I h8 abes

    they only complicate things only eye candy

    ok now be cool lose the desperation chill act

    fun and it will come I was like that once but

    now I have a ltnof guys mad at me for asking to

    only be friends because I turn them down for turning

    me down;p revenge is bitter sweet so chill &be

    way more I don't careish

  • Look you're probably one of those guys who likes girls who are out of his league. If no girls want you, then you seriously have to understand that the top tier of attractiveness girls who have more and better options aren't gonna want you either. You're being shallow and focused on looks, yet you expect hot women not to? Maybe you should learn to connect with girls on an emotional level. what's wrong with average girls? Does a girl have to be hot for you to find attractive? If even ugly girls hated you, then average and hot girls hated you too so that is no reason not to "settle" for a girl who isn't a 7+. Until you realize there is more to a woman than how hot she is you'll probably be alone for a long time because unless you have money and status there really is no incentive for hot girls to want to date you sorry

    • nope..if go going to be turned down it will be buy a hot girl and I'll keep my pride lol ugly guys have standers too.

    • i can make many good friends that are women, but if I have to love a women she most look good on outside too..chemistry is a most!

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  • If you do not have beauty, have money. With money comes a high standard of life, happiness, security and, of course, all the women you can count. Poor people and some girls with dignity will disagree with this statement, however.

    • do you respect the poor?

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    • you couldn't possibbly tell who those not need it aand who those that why they are getting it lol

    • I can't tell personally, but if I was the Prime Minister, I could. If you're able-bodied, above a certain intelligence and without children, you would work or be in a living quarters where you are only provided with food, shelter, water and clothing

  • With that attitude I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • women can be attracted to what they can't have, and most of the time they will eventually get it, girls are allowed to have high-standards, guys not so much.

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