Guys, what would you think of her?

I asked out a guy and we hung out every day this last week, things were great and we had lots of fun. Him and his girlfriend broke up the day I asked him out though because his girlfriend was a bitch to him. So we hung out every day and it was great and perfect and so much fun, we kissed from Wednesday to Friday, then he had to leave for a trip. Well turns out he recently found out he's outta town for a month.

I only knew him for a week and I had all these fun plans with him for the summer and now he's gone for a month. Anyway, will he forget about me? Wil he want to see me when I get back? What does he think of me?


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  • I'm sure he'll think of you. You were there for him in a time when things were probably looking low, and you spend every day with him since, and even kissed. Why wouldn't a guy think about you? So yeah, he might end up missing you, he might end up wanting to see you when he gets back, but how can we say so for sure? All I can say is that you were good to him, so I can guarantee he'll be thinking of you, and I seriously doubt he will forget about you. In his place, I know that I sure wouldn't.

    Maybe you can contact him, by email, text or Facebook, in the meantime. I don't know. But whatever else, try not to worry about it too much.

    • yeah we text. and we were girlfriend/boyfriend for a week there before he left

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    • well we only knew each other for aweek. it was really fun but I'm scared he'll forget what I'm like and he won't like me anymore, expecially after a whole month of waiting..

    • Please don't be afraid. True, you never know how these things turn out, but until the month is over, there's no sense worrying about it. Especially since this still has potential to work out wonderfully.

  • I'm sure he will think of you. Kissing releases chemicals into the brain that make them bond with the person they have just kissed. It's a natural reaction that you can't control.


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