I been dating him 10 months. Should a women use her intuition if she suspects cheating?

Everything has been good. The last two weekends have me wondering. Said he would call right back twice and didn't, knowing I was waiting on an answer about seeing him. Continues to call and has seen me since then. Suspecting there might be something going on but would hate to read into that. And if so what would "bring him back"


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  • Just because he didn't call you back doesn't mean he's cheating; if that's all the evidence you have, you'd be making a HUGE mistake to say anything. Instead, talk to him and tell him that when he promises to call and doesn't, it makes you feel unimportant and sad. He is a guy, and for the most part if someone calls him or not isn't a big deal to him, so he doesn't realize it's a big deal to you. He probably got caught up in a TV show, or took a long nap, and forgot.

    Making the leap to cheating is WAY overboard.

    • I agree, making the leap to cheating is going way overboard without more "evidence". BUT, statistics say, a woman's intuition on the feeling of cheating is 85% correct.

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  • trust your instincts, they're there for a reason.

    • ... I should take my own advice. What you said is what I always say. A woman's intuition is the most powerful tool known to mankind! Just wish it wasn't sometimes.