Why do texts/call get less frequent?

OK, so met a guy online a month ago. We talked for three weeks before meeting. He just moved back in area about a month ago because of a job. We actually live just a few blocks from each other which is nice. Anyway, in the beginning we would text/talk morning/noon/night talking about how excited we were to meet each other. Well this past Saturday we finally met. Was amazing date. Lasted late into the night followed by a great goodnight first kiss. He walked me home because it was so nice out and we held hands. Anyway, the last two days I haven't heard from him as much. He still texts/calls but not as often. But he has told me how he has talked to his parents about me and last night told me he was telling a ton of friends how great I was. And we already have our date set for next weekend. So I'm just being paranoid girl who needs to chill right? No worries that I am not hearing from him quite so often (still hearing from him every day though)? And it's a great sign he has told his parents and friends about me, right?


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  • In the beginning I texted and chatted online with my girlfriend a whole lot, but after a while it starts slowing down a bit. After 2.5 years I barely ever sent her a text when we were apart, once in a while maybe, but not often. And online chatting wasn't the same as just meeting her in real life.

    Now it's been 3 years, the texting and chatting have gone up quite a bit after I went into the army. That's because we don't see each other that often anymore. But it's still not anywhere near the beginning when we were just friends.

    I don't think you have any reason what-so-ever to be afraid, this is probably going great!

    • Thanks so much! It's great to get a guy's opinion on this stuff! I hate to be so girly, but can't help it I guess lol!

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  • chill out, go with the flow, don't come across as needy or it will damage what you already have, just enjoy for now and see where it goes,x

    • OK, thanks! Yeah, I definitely don't want to come across as needy, so I'm not texting him that often either...he texted me earlier saying he was looking up restaurants for our next date, so maybe I gotta chill lol

    • good attitude to have, like I say, enjoy it for now for what it is, expect more if you feel you want more later on,x

    • Thanks! I'm definitely going to follow your advice!

  • Deep breath. Relax. The more analytical you are the more neurotic you seem to become. Enjoy your life as a single woman and see how this relationship develops. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't. Everything sounds pretty normal and from what you say, you have met someone that you like and really get along with. So in your own words, chill a little. Keep up posted

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I need to stop analyzing things so much. I do that sometimes lol! OK, will try to go with the flow and just enjoy things. I will keep you guys posted! :)

  • Those are all good signs, and the texts/calls get less frequent because he's a guy, not a girl.

    • Ha, thank you! I need to remember that guys aren't the same about texting and calling! :)

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