What should I do here?

This girl gave me her number and told me to text her sometime. So I do and we start texting. When we first started texting it was here and their then it picked up a lot like for about a week we talked everyday from noon on. Now it's kinda like it was in the beginning. I did ask her out to play mini golf a week ago but she said she would love to but she had a softball game. I texted her today saying did you survive? She hasn't texted me yet I was going to leave it for a few days and text her back?


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  • I think the most important thing for you to focus on right now is getting a date with her in real life. It's only normal that you two would get bored texting each other, specially when you could be spending some of that time seeing one another in real life. Just be persistant and trying to get that date. Don't text, call her tomorrow on the phone and ask her when she's available because you'd like to do something with her. After she tells you, suggest some mini putting or whatever else you might have in mind. This shows your serious about wanting to get to know her for real, it should impresse her. If a guy I've been texting did that to me I'd be so down for a hang out. Let me know how it goes! :)

    • Do you know how much balls that takes? I guess everyone is just use to texting these days and calling stands out.

    • haha, well when a girl asks you to text her, she typically wants you to set up a date/hangout, not necessarily just literally text her 24/7. Of course you two will end up loosing interest. You eed to hang out in real life. Calling her would be the better thing to do, but if you absolutley can not, then do it through texting... I would personally pick a guy who called over one who texted though

  • 1st off, are you in high school?

    • Nope both going to Cornell in the fall

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    • From everything that she says to me and acted around me it sounds like she likes me. She isn't done with high school yet just a few more weeks for her. So like three to two days would be good right?

    • Yes, perfect. no less than one and no more than three :)

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