Should I text a guy after hooking up at a party?

Idk if this is the right place to ask this but whatever. So a couple of days ago I went to this party and met this guy. He was so nice and sweet and seemed really into me and we ended up hooking up and sleeping together. He gave me his number and I don't know whether I should text him or not, cause I don't want to look desperate. He seemed really interested in me but I can't be sure. Should I text him and if I do what would I say? I'm not good with this kinda stuff!


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  • i guess you can just say hey it's ___ (your name), what's going on

    but I'm surprised he didn't get yours.

    anyhow, just text him, see how the convo goes, but after that do not text him again unless he contacts you first. it will be a test to see if he was interested or just being polite.

    • no that's not. I stop texting girls after awhile because I feel like I'm stalking them or something not because I am not interested.

  • The next day just be like's so and so..

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