Should I let him go and move on or just wait around?!?!

Well, This is kinda a complicated situation. I'm just looking for advice... I have no clue what to do and it hurts a lot. Okay, this is the situation... I love my best friend and he doesn't love me. I have accepted this fact and tried to support him as a friend. He met a girl and now he is forgetting all about me. We haven't even talked in 3 weeks and haven't had a real conversation in about 2 months. I was told by another friend that he is still mad at me over something I said in November about a girl he liked( It was a joke and he took it the wrong way :// I tried to say sorry and he said he forgave me, but things only got worse. He used to always talk to me but every time he finds somebody, he forgets all about me or he uses me for relationship advice. We never talk about ANYTHING but his relationship. When he is in relationships he forgets I even exist but once he breaks it off we talk every day. It hurts when he uses me but it hurts A LOT worse when he forgets all about me. I feel conflicted and confused. I don't think I can handle much more of this. So, this brings me back to my questions... Is he using me a rebound friend? Should I let him go and move on or just wait and hope it gets better? Please help. I'm sick and tired of being confused and in pain all the da** time! If you need more details, let me know. I tried not to make this to long :/


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  • It sounds as though he's using you as a back up friend when he's not in a relationship. It's normal for friends to not see each other a lot when they're in relationships. Maybe he thinks his current girlfriend would not like him to have a female friend?

    So you love him as in love him like you want to be his gf? If that's the case, you probably need to distant yourself from him since he obviously doesn't feel the same way. He sounds like he may be using you slightly as a fall back friend when his relationships aren't going well. I'd say it's OK to still be his friend but don't be too readily available for him when he's feeling down.

    • Thank you for your answer. Yes I am in love with him and would like to be his gf,but I asked him out about a year ago and he made it clear we were just friends. I've managed to accept that and hide those feelings, but they don't seem to want to go away :/ I know it's normal to ignore your friends a bit during relationships but is it normal to completely ignore them? Like when you all meet in person and his girlfriend isn't even around he doesn't even say hi?

    • To completely ignore your friends even when their significant other isn't around is just flat out rude. In his defense, he may feel uncomfortable around you knowing that you like him more than a friend. That's about the only thing I can think of.

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  • I have the same issue. I'm always there for him when he calls but whenever I want to talk he tells me he'll get back to me cause he is in school but when we are both home we talk a lot mostly about him aswell.
    My advice is you should probably let him go and least for now... When he sees you've stopped trying he might eventually come back. Also does he know you have feelings for him?

  • Don't wait around for anyone tey aren't woth the wait.

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