How to know if a guy is interested in more than sex?

About 95% of the guys I know aren't looking for a relationship and 40% of them will openly admit that. The guys I've been interested in have either cheated in past relationships, hit on my friends, been way too sexual, been in relationships and still have gone for me etc etc. They all just seem really shady. /:


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  • Well, you are at least aware of the reality of the situation, which makes you smarter than the average bear.

    You need to realize that guys are in their sexual peak years between 16-25 or so, and are driven by very powerful instincts and hormones to screw every girl they see. The fact that they can control themselves at all is kind of a miracle.

    And generally, the popular/attractive/good-looking/bad-boy/exciting guys have plenty of options when it comes to getting easy sex from girls, so very few are interested in trading that for the responsibilities and limitations of being in a relationship. And if you look at it from their perspective, why would they? It's not like they're anywhere close to being ready to settle down.

    So, what is a girl who wants a real relationship to do? The answers are:

    - date the less-confident/less exciting guys. They actually WANT relationships and make good boyfriends and appreciate the girls as people, and not just sex objects.

    - date older guys. Unfortunately, you're still a minor, so you can't legally date the guys who are more ready for a real relationship (28-35+), so for now, that's out.

    - date the guys you find attractive, and give up the sex easily on their terms. I don't recommend this.

    - stay single/become a nun. I don't recommend this either.


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  • date nerds, simple. since your profile shows that you're a minor I am assuming you're in high school. and all the girls in high school date a guy because of his social standing rather then what he is or even what he looks like. so just find a good looking nerd and date him, simple :). By the way, those popular kids in high school are most likely to end up working for one of the nerds in your school. You'll be ahead of everyone :), because once you guys get of high school, those nerds will be the 'hot' guys, they'll start dressing better and be more better looking. Nerds are smart, so they focus on school while they are at school but once they leave school, they focus on fitting into the society, which is being more presentable.

    i Just told you what you will experience 4-5 years from now, so use it! and don't get caught in that pathetic high school crowd. I was a nerd for the first two years in high school before I moved, and in the high school I attended, I become more 'presantable because I dressed and expressed my self differently.

    so here are the steps to find a 'great' boyfriend in high school.

    1st step; pick a unpopular guy(nerd, has to be smart!) that is tall, slim, and cute (face) so full package :)

    2nd step, smile at him and initiate contact with him

    3rd step, make him like you (assuming from your pic you wouldn't have a problem doing that :) )

    4th step, date him for about two weeks ( don't sleep with him)

    5th step, wait for him to tell you that he 'i loves you'

    after he is yours its time to make him a hot guy

    6th step, tell him to get money from his parents because he is going to experience a make over :) take his ass to the mall and dress him the way you like your men, hair cut, if jhe has pimples then make him get a 'facial'

    now you have a a good looking, smart and sexy boyfriend that will stay loyal to you :)

    7th step, thank me :)

  • I never just look for sex with a girl. I'm horrible at hookups and one night stands, I'm a one woman relationship kind of guy. That said, the VAST majority of guys are horny immature douchebags and just want sex. Doestrueloveexist said it best, be picky and patient and have might be a while before you find a really great guy, especially around your age but we're out there.

    • "I never just look for sex with a girl. I'm horrible at hookups and one night stands, I'm a one woman relationship kind of guy."

      You sound like the ideal guy!

    • Haha thanks!

  • If he's a nice, soft spoken individual with manners.

    They are typically the most loyal guys. But they are usually quiet and don't approach girls very often.

  • Tell them you plan to wait three months before having sex. That should probably weed them out. Keyword: Probably.

    • Never had that done to me but it would work =(

    • I know a girl that told her boyfriend that she was going to wait four years to have sex. That was suppose to be her senior year of high school and he stuck with her all four years.

  • 99 percent of guys are jerks. Just be very picky and very patient. And be a woman of morals, and that's who you will attract.

  • There's no way to tell. If there was, then girls (who can't shut up about anything) would tell each other how to tell those guys apart, and those guys would find it very hard to get dates.

    Since no girl has told you the magic secret, you have to get it through your head that there is no way to tell.


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