Should I keep trying?

This girl and I have been in an off and on relationship since mid-fall. Nothing serious, just several periods of time during which we'll talk a lot and go out on dates. We always had a lot of fun together, and things were good. I really care about her, and I want to make this work. However, she tends to close up sometimes. She's extremely hard to read and she's not open at all. However, every time she begins to close up and I think that we're done, something happens that changes my mind. She'll grab me at a party and not let me go all night, or we'll talk things over. Last time this happened, we talked and decided to push things off until summer because of how busy we were. Now it's summer, and she's not really making an effort to talk to me. At this point, I really just want to know what's going on. I don't want to waste my time on a relationship that's not going anywhere, but at the same time, I really, really want this to work. Any advice on a course of action?


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  • You could ask her to meet up and talk things over. Tell her what's on your mind and that you wish she'd put more effort in this relationship if she wants it to work. Ask her why she has her times of shutting down and opening up again and shutting down and ... you know.

    But if she's not putting any effort in it, she's either expecting you to do it or she's not interested in a serious relationship.

    Good luck!

  • That's tough am going through quite a similar situation and want to give up, if you feel there is a chance of something follow your heart if not give up.

    Answer mine please: link


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