What to wear on a first date?

I haven't really dated in a very long time and wondered what to wear on a first date to:

(1) drinks after work

(2) Friday evening dinner

(3) a weekend at the museum

Really nervous about jumping back onto the dating scene, so a bit of advice is much appreciated.


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  • 1. Just stay in your work clothes.

    2. link a nice dress. Depends on where you to eat.

    3. anything would work: dress, top and skirt, top and jeans, top and shorts.

    • Thanks. Someone actually told me NOT to dress up too much for a first date, which was a little confusing, lol.

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    • I just used that as a example. Friendly's isn't known for being romantic,lol.

    • I know, I was just teasing, lol. (The one time I was in one, though, there really *was* a softball team celebrating their latest victory, haha!)

What Girls Said 1

  • LBD, some classy heels and a jean jacket. its dressing up but not to much because the jacket dresses it down a bit. if you're not comfortable in that I would go for some fitted pants or fitted dark wash jeans, a dressing looking and body flattering top, some heels and a nice fitted jacket or blazer.