Right when I was going to call she texts me?

I was about to all this girl to ask her out and she texts me saying barley and David says hi. Should I still call her or wait and call her tomorrow and not reply to the text?


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  • Why are you playing hard to get? If you like her, ask her out already... or else someone else will.

    • Im not trying to at hard to get I think she is.

    • Then still talk to her, you don't need to wait till tomorrow to call/text her...she said hello now continue the conversation.

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  • Call her. It's more intimate and I think it's a turn on to hear a nice voice talking back. Total turn on - texts should be used when you can't speak or dial.

  • That sucks haha. Keep talking to all day and then ask her out later tonight. (if you're comfortable with that of course)

    • I wasn't talking to her today. She responded to a text from yesturday and then some.

    • Oh okay. Well then I agree with DandelionGirl.

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