Guys did I royally screw this up?

I've known this guy for about ten years and for a good portion of it he had feelings for me but I didn't feel the same. Recently I started hanging out with him and developed feelings, he broke up with his girlfriend and said he wasn't sure how he felt and wanted to take things a day at a time. Well he just didn't seem that interested in dating to me, but I still value him as a friend so I thought I would save him the trouble and asked him if we could go back to being just friends and I shouldn't have rushed things and I still would love to hang out. He has yet to respond. I still like him but I just felt like he was holding on to the years that I rejected him. I thought I did the best thing, but the fact that he hasn't responded makes me wonder...? Any advice?


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  • Hate to tell you this but you might have screwed up, royally. Unless you make it blatantly obvious that you have feelings for him. If you like him you should not have said anything about "going back to being just friends", that's an absolute slap in the face. Guys don't really hold onto grudges. If he liked you for so long he would not even think about the years of being rejected. It is not necessarily bad that you want to keep hanging out with him as a friend. However, you should not have said anything about going back to being friends. That gives the impression that 1. At some point in time you were more than friends and the way that you are portraying it, it does not sound like you had anything more 2. If you want there to be something more you should really try to get close to him. I mean physically. We, as men, do not really pick up on subtle hints. I do not mean that you should be easy, I mean that you should try to be in physical contact with him...i.e. sit closer to him than other people around you and lean against him if you are on a couch, give longer hugs (I know that sounds ridiculous), and if you go to parties together try to play the same games and what not. That's pretty much it. Hope it helps somewhat.

    • very sweet of you to take the time to respond. it was very helpful, so thank you!

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