Trapped by my own emotions?'ve known this guy for a few months now...he's everything that I want in a guy...and he's always very very flirty with me, and we just goof around and laugh and have fun and then we have deep, meaningful discussions about life and important things...this would be what I would call the perfect time for me to move in and see if he wants to take our relationship to the next step...

But he has a girlfriend already...I already feel ashamed of myself enough that I have thoughts of not wanting to respect the "he's taken" zone...this girl is nice, and we've spoken briefly a few times, and despite any of that, I don't ever want to hurt ANYBODY or be the cause of someone getting hurt...

She already perceives me as a threat according to him, and he even confronted me (very kindly) about how I feel about him, to which I admitted that I am deeply attracted to him, but that my intentions are noble. And they are. Despite feeling "twitterpated" about him and feeling all these emotions, the last thing I want to do is be the cause of a breakup or someone's pain...but he's hinted at me that their relationship has been going through some rough times...and all relationships do at some point or another, but it's almost as if he's on the fence with her...he does genuinely act like he's interested in me too...

I just got done hanging out with him, and I feel like crap. I feel bummed that I am not with him anymore today, and I feel horrendously guilty for wanting him to myself when he's already somebody's...guilty for even thinking about them possibly breaking up...

I know that SOME aspects of this are out of my control, but for the things that I CAN be in control of, how do I deal with this? What can I do so I don't unintentionally f*** somebody's life up, including my own?


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  • I honestly think you should back off,sorry but it's not your place to make a move.He is taken,I know it's hard when you feel that way,but I think you need to get over him.I'm sure you wouldn't like your man to cheat on you,imagine if you were her.I mean I'm sorry you feel like crap and all that,but you could just be damaging someones relationship just for your own sake,without considering anyone elses feelings.It is not fair on the girl.What interest does he show in you?And just because he is going through a rough time in his relationship,does not mean it's okay to make a move,every relationship goes through a rough patch.If he was truly unhappy with her,he would leave.How old is he?Is he settled with this girl?And does she know that you two hangout?

  • First off I don't know how old you are but men lie, That's the first thing a man will tell you is that his woman is threatend by you and that he's having problems in his relationship. You can't believe anything a man says when he's trying to cheat on his girl, If you asked her that I bet she want say she's threatened by you are have problems. What you can do is leave him alone until he's single. I bet if you told her right now what her boyfriend been saying, I bet he would deny it to the end.