Did this girl feel obligated to go out with me?

I met a girl through mutual friends (it was a setup). We were both kinda pressured into it, but I finally asked her out, mainly because the more I thought about it, the more I became interested.

The thing is, when I asked her, I'm not really sure if she was happy I was asking her. She did say yes, and she told me to let her know about what day. She lives an hour away and drives to work so she's willing to stay in town after work. Does that mean anything? Is it possible that she felt obligated because we were both kinda pressured and that she just wants to get through it? Or am I just over thinking this?

I guess my basic question is, is it possible she doesn't wanna go hang out with me based upon this situation?


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  • It doesn't sound like she's feeling forced. I mean from what it sounds like she's putting something into the relationship also. So I would just see how it starts to work out. A lot of girls also don't like guys when they start dating them but then start to like them as the relationship goes on.

  • Well you two didn't previously know each other, right? So she could find it awkward, but at least she's giving it a chance. Who knows, maybe your date will go well and you'll be in an actual relationship by next week :p

    • I highly doubt Ill be in a relationship by next week lol. I'm worrying about it being awkward too, so I guess that's normal right?

    • Yup, perfectly normal.

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