If he was into me, wouldn't he want to hang out all the time?

i have been seeing this guy for like a week. when I say seeing I mean we first made out like a week ago...since then we have hooked up 3 times.

last time we hooked up I gave him a blow job that was apparently mind blowing...i kinda regretted it after because now I don't know if he is using me or if he thinks I'm a slut. I kinda freaked out after (not to him, but to myself...) but then later that night he texted me asking if I wanted to go on a date sometime. I said yes and that was like 2 nights ago.

i saw him the next night...last night and it wasn't that long but we didn't really kiss. we were with a group of people and when he left we pecked, but that's it. he texted me to make sure I got home safely...and that's about it.

but he hasn't texted me once today. I don't understand. its kinda like mixed signals?

i might be crazy but it sort of feels like he is being nice to me or leading me on so we can hook up.

guys, if you like a girl wouldn't you want to hang out with her more often or text more?


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  • Definitely. Even if I only kinda like a girl I text her and want to hang out. If I do like her I text all the time and am sad when I can't hang out with her that day.

    • Yeah I don't know he texts me like once a day or once every other day

      when we do talk he seems into it, but how do I know?

      its hard because I want to hang out with him everyday and text him all day long...if he was really into me wouldn't he text more often?

    • I would think so. I worked a job once where I was at work ar 4 in the morning, and off at 6 at night. and I was still texting my girl at the time and trying to hang out that night. see what happens if you hang out but don't hook up at all. is he really that busy? lol

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  • Um yeah sounds like he just wants you for the blows job or whatever. Which is not good, unless your okay with doing that to him with no strings attached, but he's defiantly leading you on so that he can have more hook ups with you. Don't be his fool. Find a guy that actually wants to hangout with you and wants to get to know you. Think smart and kick this guy to the curb and let some other girl be his sideline hoe.

    • =[

      shit, I'm not good at relationships obviously

      i really really liked him though...we got along so well...great chemistry, but now I think I ruined it.

      was the chemistry just faked on his part?

      gahh so bummed out. what should I say to him to make sure this is not the right thing?

    • Hhhmm, I don't know what kind of guy he was. A lot of guys these days can play with a girls mind and tell us the things we want to hear. It's called "Game" It's not that your bad at relationships, it's just another learning experience. He might some what like you, but he does not fully respect you. It's best for him to respect you than to like you. I didn't understand your last question???

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