If you are dating but not exclusive are you supposed to talk daily?

we've been seeing each other for over a month but we aren't exclusive. I don't know about him but I'm not seeing anyone else right now (wish I was)

in situations like this, are you still supposed to talk every day? at first we were, but the past few days he has been a bit flakier. he used to contact me every single day. now there has been two days in the past week that he has not.

he has a busy job, he's a professional with his own practice.

does he just figure that he doesn't have to try as hard now so when he gets busy with work he doesn't contact me that day? or is he trying to dump me?

i know that guys get complacent after they think they "have" the girl. but sometimes they are also trying to get rid of her.

i like him but either way I feel screwed. I feel neglected that he hasn't been as attentive this week. then I wonder if I am asking too much because he isn't even my boyfriend and he is older and very busy compared to my life. then I tell myself that if my needs are more than what he provides me with, maybe I should just end it before I get even more hurt than I am :(

any help?


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  • you don't necessarily have to talk daily but honestly I think that you are very stuck because I mean if he does have a busy job you have to get used to not talking to him as much but if you both are not official yet then you should talk to guys and not worry about him getting mad or jealous if he says something just let him know "hey you have not yet made me your girl I have friends to you know and until I am officially taken by you I'll be talking to all my guy friends too" please do not get stuck on this guy just yet at least until he proves to you that you mean something to him and don't seclude yourself from other guys because that is one thing we as girls need, we need men around us even if its just to have fun (; because we never know if things are going to last with one guy and we have to be able to see that there are other guys trying to catch our attention I'm not saying to go out, meet a guy and flirt with him I'm just saying keep a guy close to you and as a simple friend once a guy really gets to know you he either wants friendship or a relationship with you don't say "ohh I have a bf" if he ever asks you out because you did say you guys arn't official yet just let him now you are not ready for a relationship and there you know there is a guy who is intrested in you and if things don't work out with the recent guy yu at least know yu can keep talking to some other guy. well I hope I was helpful if not I'm sorry but good luck (: with everything


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  • Sound to me like he is losing interested in you. No matter how busy the guy is if he really like someone he will find time out of his busy schedule to talk to you. The talking pattern should never change if he is very interesting in you. You know he could be talking to another girls. You have to step up in the game by showing him that you not short of male attention either.

  • He doesn't have to but see,s like you expect it...and by his job it sounds lie he has no time what so ever.

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