Feeling vulnerable as I'm falling hard for guy I just met?

ok just met a guy we have been only talking/hanging a few weeks now...he is very affectionate and has even made a point to note how he isn't looking to talk to other women while he is getting to know me. but we are not official of course at this point. we have made plans to hang out a lot though. anyway, I have been hurt before. and I am really starting to fall for him. I'm scared of being hurt, of feeling vulnerable. but it's so early and even though he has mentioned to me that he has told his friends about me, I don't want him to think that I am jumping the gun. we are going to hang out again tomorrow. and then again on Friday. he works Saturday or we would probably hang out then as well. so my question I guess is: guys, if you are into a girl, really into her, but it's early, you really don't want to hear about her fears or see her not confident right? that would scare you off? so I should just enjoy the moment and go with the flow, right? thanks!


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  • If you fall for him already, girl, you're in a big mess. My advice is don't confess that to him just yet. You don't want to scare him off, would you? It's too early, so keep it to yourself for now. Go out and have load of fun and enjoy every second spent with him. In due time, you'll find out more about him especial how he feels about you and take it from there. He's a lucky guy. By the way, don't let the past ruin your present. Not every men are horrible; don't compare them to your ex(es). Good luck.

    • thanks so much I needed to hear that! yes I focus too much on past failures...i need to allow myself to trust someone and just go with the flow!

    • We have had all make mistakes, tons of it, just different mistakes; take it as lesson learned. We are shaped by our pasts and from that come maturity and growth. We would always bound to the past but let the past be the past; it can not be undo only move onward. Yes, go with the flow but don't forget to love yourself and have fun too. Bye

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