What makes a good kiss?

What makes a good kiss.. Without tounges

What do you do that you like. Are there diffrent types of kisses?

Do you open your mouth a little or keep it tight and puckered?

what have you tried.?

My girl stays tightly puckered and its not very good its just a kiss. But every once in a while she will open her mouth a little and it feels really good.


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  • My normally kissing is without tongues, like catching the other persons lip, eyes closed of course.

    I've tried kissing with tongues, with tongues, peck on the cheek, over the top wet, eyes open, eyes closed, granny kissing, pretending to fall asleep half way through...

    I realize the last ones aren't real types, but they were still entertaining.


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  • The passion behind it.

    When your in a relationship...or at least this is how I feel when I do the following

    A little peck on the lips is just a "i like/love you" reminder.

    A open mouth without tongue is like a "I want you to know much I love you".

    A open mouth with tongue is a " I LOVE YOU" or "I WANT YOU".

  • I love kissing, a good kiss is a mixture of both gentle and passionate kissing. A great kisser is able to alter the feel of the kiss by using the cheeks to change the suction. A little tongue should be used but only to tease and lightly play with your kissing partners tongue. It should always end gently and with small lingering kisses. A great kisser will give a man an erection.

  • FRENCH Lol!


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