What is too much when texting?

I've been texting this guy all week, he texts me first, but I was just wondering if the fact that he doesn't really ask in-depth questions is that he actually wants to hang out and get to know me? Because he really seams interested.

And I was also wondering what is too much? (over text)


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  • Well if you feel like you been texting him all day or all week then just tell him that you a little bit tired of texing and that you would hit him back up sometime later or tomorrow and I really don't know what you mean by seams but he really feels interesting in you then just give him a chance but if you're going out with someone let him know or if you're thinking about breaking up with a person let him know first and but before ya get in to a relationship get to know him and more

    • You have great advice, so I'll just clear up a few things (cuz I honestly would like to know what you think)

      I'm single

      He's single

      He just seems to be I interested because he texts me every morning when he wakes up, we have a lot in common the best one is that we both sing & play the guitar, sometimes our conversations go deep but I also don't think I should try to hard because then we'd have nothing to talk about if we hangout, he mentioned hanging out last week, what do I do? :(

    • First things first you're very welcome and best answer is ya should stay as friends or closefriend or best friend and it sound like he really like you and don't do all the talking just let him do the talking and tell him that you want him to take you somewhere special like to eat or to watch a movie to go to a beautiful place tell him that then let me know what he said by the way add me as a friend so you can just message me and not put your business out there

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