Girls: How do you like to be kissed? I'm talking first kiss too. Where do you like the guy to put his hands?


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  • Every girl out there is different, but from talking with friends and about what we like I've gathered that most girls like to be kissed either layin down next to a guy, or when we're hugging.

    When your laying down next t a girl and kissing her, put your hands on her hips, or maybe ler herput her arms around you.

    If your standing up and hugging put your arms around her waist.

    But HOW you should kiss a girl is all in the moment. When a girl gets her first kiss she wants it to be nice, slow and soft. DO NOT try to eat her face when you are kissing her for the first time.

    If you are kissing and about to Bang bang, then maybe you should try and show her with your lips that you want her and that she turns you on.

    • So it should be a close mouth kiss or open mouth? Or maybe somewhere in between?

    • At first I would go with the closed mouth kiss. But if the girl seems like she wants to be kissed more or kisses you again then I would go for an open mouthed kiss.

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  • Hips and waist are always winners for me personally. It just feels extra good and the closeness makes it special. I love being rubbed in the small of my feels amazing!

    Keep the kiss itself slow and soft at first. Be in tune and responsive to the non-verbal cues she's giving you as to how long she wants it to last and how sensual/passionate she wants it to become. Most of all, make sure she knows you're enjoying it as much as you are!

    • What are some non verbal cues that I should be looking for?

  • i LOVE it when a guy gently cradles my face, know what I mean? or the back of my head underneath my hair. that just makes me melt! I think that shows you are really sweet and gentle. and it also implies that your not looking for some action!

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I'm shy so I don't know when the right time to kiss her is lol help me please!

    • Well I'm assuming your taking her on a date? so at the end of the night is appropriate. try to see if she's into you. you have to feel it out. you will know. and keep the kiss sweet and short. so your shy?!?! I'm actually dating a really shy guy right now. haha what are you guys thinking?

    • Actually we are going out on our second date soon. haha I'm really shy. it took me a whole semester to ask this girl out. its pretty bad lol

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