It's been years since I spoke to her, she called out of the blue.

So,I was fairly good friends with this girl. We'd hang out separate from our collective friends, but not really dating. The last time I spoke to this girl she was suffering from some instability and we had a falling out, I was mad for a while but got over it. I get a call a few weeks after the incident and she explained what caused it and wants to try and hang out again. It's a bad time for me at that time, And I was still a little sore over how things had ended, but I was willing to forgive and say maybe next week. She never calls back and I didn't have her number anymore because I thought we were done as friends. Eventually I write it off as a friend I'll probably never hear from again.

Like 4 maybe 6 (maybe more I don't even remember) years later out of no where she calls me and invites me to hang out. I didn't even know if she was still alive, that's how weird it is! We catch up a little she tells me a bit of what she's been doing, I'm so surprised at the call and the spontaneous invite that I agree to meet. We set a day and time and the call ends.

I'm stunned I'm guessing I did the right things but how weird is that to go from not talking to her for what could have been a decade to hanging out again?

So she's invited me to the movies, Her treat. I guess I'll see how this goes!
So, I went. It was a little brief, weird, awkward... we didn't really get to talk much as the movie started shortly after we met up. I'm sure there were a bunch of things that didn't get spoken about that were probably intended. The movie ended and we left, a little small talk about the movie as well left. I made a suggestion about food and she declined, no harm there since it was a bit rainy, and parted ways. I don't even know if we're keeping in contact after this or not.


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  • As a girl I can say that sometimes girls forget what they've done to a guy ( at least some of them). They think guys don't remember it all and that they don't hurt over such things.

    I would say- go for it! Just go someplace with a lot to do so you would have something to talk about not just " Hey! How are you. How have you been..." Like an amusement park or something.

    However, I would rather recomend for you to not give yourself away fully. Be polite, but not friendly. Keep something to yourself ( you may need to act a little to do this, but that is the best way, at least I think so).

    I'm glad if I could help.


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  • Just go and see her and see what happens! You have nothing to lose!


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  • Shit happens.

    • yeah seeing a movie probably wasn't the best idea since you wouldn't be able to talk. Regardless, if you want to see her again, go ahead and call her. You don't have to leave the ball in her court.

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    • Yeah, I have no patience with girls that are hard to read so I usually just end up going for it too soon and blowing it so you probably shouldn't listen to me haha

    • It's good advice though, it can be hard to talk in a theater and maybe she was a bit nervous having not seen me in so long. I mean we used to go to movies a lot, almost regularly, and have a quick bite to eat before or afterward and our talking would usually happen then... we'll see.