Can trying to date someone too soon in your life ultimately ruin your chances?

I can't help but feel if I had just cooled it a little and waited a few years, like after college was over to try and get to know the girl I've always liked, things would and ultimately could've been different. But because I was an idiot and tried to be with her when we were both young, naive and in high school, I feel it's ruined everything. I still like her even though things went wrong. She said a lot of hurtful things but even then.

But now we don't talk anymore and haven't for years basically. What if I didn't try so hard then? I mean it can't mean anything at all to her now can it? It's not like she's going to think "wow that really nice guy back in high school really wanted to be with me all those years ago, I should contact him somehow!"

It just isn't going to happen is it? But if I wasn't so stupid and didn't let my emotions get in the way and just kept admiring her from a distance and finally made a move when timing was better, things might have ended differently, do you think? Now I can't contact her ever again because it just isn't the right thing to do with how our friendship ended. I just can't.


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  • Sometimes it can be. I have a couple ex girlfriends and female friends who will not come back in my life. But I live on. As a friend once told me "If they can't see how great you are? They aren't worth your time." It hurts I admit it but it's true.

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