Should I call him again?

My boyfriend and I spent Sunday together, and he asked me to call him the next day after work, and I did. He didn't answer, and never called me back. It's Tuesday now... should I call him again?


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  • Hey girl,

    Just a question. How long have you guys been going out for? Is the relationship just starting or have you been dating him for a little while. I ask this because the calling etiquette is slightly different depending on your situation.

    If you guys just started dating and he is still trying to figure out whether or not you guys are girlfriend and boyfriend ... then I would say give him the time and space to call you back. If he is really interested in you then he will want to talk to you. But don't jump to conclusions. Maybe he just got busy with something and will call you when he is free.

    If you guys have been dating for a while and this is unusual for him to not have talked to you in so long then there is something that is probably up. I would suggest sending him a nice and polite text msg or something to see what he is up to. Nothing too serious. If he doesn't reply to that.. then just wait it out till he trys to contact you. There is no point in chasing after a guy who won't give you the attention that you deserve anyways.

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  • One important thing, do not over react.

    I think you should call him back, but make sure not to seem too clingy.

    Also if you didn't leave a message on sunday, then maybe that shows why he hasn't replied.

    But being your boyfriend he probably should've made contact with you.

    • What confuses me is that he wanted me to call him the next day, and I did, and I left a message... but still haven't heard from him... we recently got back together and everything is better than before, but that really scares me.

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  • Yeah, I just would call him back and leave a voicemail. Keep it casual though, don't freak out on him. He's your boyfriend, it would be different if he were just a guy you were talking to, but since he's your man you can call him again w/o looking desperate.

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