What does it mean when a guy says...?

This guy I was in drama with this past spring and I have been emailing. He's really shy smart guy...He takes awhile to email back sometimes...So he sent me this one the other day (hours after I sent him mine)

Well this is a quick reply from me this time isn't it? : )

He also said a bunch of other stuff, telling me things he's excited about this summer..it was a pretty long email. Then at the end of the email he said:

"Is your summer full yet?"

"I will look forward to hearing from you soon!"

and signed his name. Why do you think he asked that? Thanks


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  • He sounds to me like he's totally smitten with you, and wants to give you the entire inside scoop on his life hoping you'll want to be a part of it. He is also hoping you will return the favor, and give him the entire inside scoop on you and make him a part of it.

    That was my strategy with both of my high school crushes. It didn't work out; because the first one preferred sweaty greasemonkeys over me and the other preferred sweaty thugs and criminal lowlifes over me. Neither was good about writing me back.

    If you feel he's worth your time, follow suit. He wants to feel important. Otherwise, ask him in person what his true intentions are. If he is truly smitten with you and confesses and you're not; then say: "I don't really see you that way; and I don't want to give you false hope. But I'll grant you a listening ear. If someone more fitting for you comes along, I'll let you know."

    A response like that will let him know that even if you reject him, you don't hate him. It will spare him the pain I had to endure in high school - and possibly improve your own karma.

    But it's ultimately your call.


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