Why do guys go for the CHEATERS?

Just out of curiosity... I'm aware a lot of guys go for the sluts for a number of different reasons. But If a guy has specifically talked about finding girls who are slutty and cheaters gross... then why would he talk to them? Just to be nice? Or because he wasn't aware at the time that she was like that?

Furthermore some of them actually pursue dating or relationships with these girls... I don't understand this. Guys... any reason why a lot of you do this?


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  • For the same reason girls go after jerks.

    A) People say one thing, and do another. Deeds, not words.

    B) You/They see a different side of the person you're/they're with. You see a slut, he sees a girl with a past. You see a rough-around-the-edges guy with a temper, but who can be sweet from time to time - we see an asshole who treats everyone like garbage.

    Everyone has friends and enemies; people are loving and hating the same person for different reasons. You cannot expect your opinion of someone to be the dominant one. Or the correct one. Furthermore, not everyone conforms to your view of relationships. Everyone likes sex. Slut is just a term for someone who likes sex and has it as much as many girls would like to -- even if it's often with more than one guy. Monogamy isn't for everyone).

    If you don't like sluts, don't date them! xD And, if you're so inclined, don't date the guys who do either. Just don't walk around thinking they aren't worthy of a date just because they're different from you.

    • I totally understand different people see people differently. I've used that argument myself. however I was more or less pointing out when a guy has pinned a certain girll that way for several reasons then decides hey it's easy enough I'll go for it too.

      and I didn't say anything about monogamy... generally I'd just like to know I'm not with someone who continually increases their chances of being and STD carrier.

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  • Hi Nicole. You have what I would call the girl version of the age old cry of men - "Why is she with him?" The bottom line is that men like women who are charming and seductive and these girls obviously have this down to an art. This is why they always have men. However, there is a dark side to this as you pointed out and they will get hurt as she moves along to another man. They are drawn to this because they don't think they can do better or just don't want to try.

    My advice would be to start focusing on what kind of man you want and being the kind of woman that attracts that kind of man. You do that and your love life will bloom, you'll feel awesome, you'll be with an awesome guy and you'll forget about these people altogether.

    • Your advice suggests that everyone has a specific type, which I don't feel to be true. I've never tried to pigeon hole myself on anything and definately not to a 'type' or 'kind' of guy. I'm me. I'm not the girl who changes herself or acts a specific was to attract a certain type of guy or elicit certain types of attention.

    • You are the type of person who just won't be pigeon holed. Everyone is a certain type of person and there is always someone who is attracted to it. What kind of a man is attracted to a woman who won't be pigeon holed?

  • in my personal opinion I can't stand those girls I can talk with them and befriend them but when it comes to hooking up count me out. when I look at girls at a relationship status I see who's the hardest to get who do I have to work at for a while before they open up to me and how long till we get anywhere physically . why? might you ask, simple its a little extra security to me cause I really don't want to be with a girl that gives into any cute guy and that will drop me like a lead weight I want someone who I can trust and she can trust in me. but sadly any more these kinda girls are hard to find and so my search continues...


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  • That is a very good question. Imma have to wait and see these answers. Haha.

    But that Warren did give good advice.

  • because they want some. some of the guys who into these girls are gross afterwards anyways. so who cares. I'd rather go with someone who has respect for his own body at least.