I have my first "hang out date" in 4 count them 4 years

i need advice, I don't remember a lot


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  • Number one rule on this one is that you need to focus most of your attention to everyone else but her. Reason being is this.

    1. They will like you, and they will talk to her about you, they will tell her how awesome you are and they will tell her to go after you.

    2. The girl will notice that you are there for her but she also has to put effort into it, don't give her all the attention, I promise you she will call you back for more. Give her a small sample, to hook her in, kinda like drugs... haha

    3. You will feel better about yourself because you actually played it cool by actually socializing with everyone. She will then realize if she wants more of you that she will have to go on a one on one date with you.

    Does that make any sense buddy? I was after this girl and she was not interested in me that much, she invited me to hang out with her and her friends and like 85% of my attention went to all of her friends. Occationally looking at her I realized that she was more and more interested in me because I got along with her friends. Girls like guys that get along with her friends, REMEMBER THIS! :D

    • Hmmm, thanks man, well, she may not be around her friends, but we'll be in a familiar territory in which she might spot a friend or two

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    • Just label it "Hanging out" don't even think of the word date when you're with her! got that!? lol

    • Haha, that's what I was trying to get at

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  • Is this the same girl that wasnt returning your calls?

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    • If the answerer could mail me on here...id like to ask you for advice on a similar situation...

    • Haha, have you messaged her

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  • Funny, I always pegged you for being quiet adept at dating based on your advice. I don't think you'd have too much trouble. In my opinion though, hang out dates are awful as it prevents the situation of you and your partner getting some one on one time. Your best bet is to across as outgoing and sociable with her peers or friends. This will make you seem more of a catch in their eyes.

    • Haha, well they say even the brightest bulb, can burn out and will burn out...eventually

      anyway, yeah, it does prevent it, but were only getting to become friends, so it takes the pressure off of her, ya know?